Towards elimination of cervical cancer:

Intelligent and personalized
solutions for cancer screening

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In 2019, the University of Tartu, Rīga Stradiņš University, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, and the Norwegian Cancer Registry began the project “Towards elimination of cervical cancer: intelligent and personalized solutions for cancer screening” (2020–2023). The project’s main objective is to develop improved and personalized cancer screening methods within a sustainable health care system. The developed methods will integrate knowledge of biological disease mechanisms and available data from national population-based health registries, health care provision data, surveys, and Estonian genome bank to develop, validate, and determine the cost-effectiveness of specific artificial intelligence technology for the purpose of preventive medicine in cervical cancer.


women are diagnosed with cervical
cancer in Europe each year


of people with cervical cancer
are diagnosed at an early stage


Incidence rates of cervical cancer dropped from the mid-1970s to the mid-2000s due in part to an increase in screening



An overview of cervical cancer epidemiology and prevention in the Baltic States

The most recent project‘s paper was published in peer-review journal “BMC Public Health”.


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From “One-Size-Fits-All“ to Personalized Screening

Journal of Personalized Medicine has published an editorial „The Future of Cervical Cancer Prevention: From “One-Size-Fits-All” to Personalized Screening”, which was written by Mari Nygård and Ståle Nygård. (more…)

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One more paper is published

The second projects paper „Cervical Cancer in the Baltic States: Can Intelligent and Personalised Cancer Screening Change the Situation?” is published in peer-review journal Acta Medica Lituanica.

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