From “One-Size-Fits-All“ to Personalized Screening

Posted on 01/26/2023

Journal of Personalized Medicine has published an editorial „The Future of Cervical Cancer Prevention: From “One-Size-Fits-All” to Personalized Screening”, which was written by Mari Nygård and Ståle Nygård. Authors emphasize, that cervical cancer screening is very effective public health measure for reducing the burden of cancer at the population level. However, the computational methodologies and scientific data enables us to develop algorithms for evaluation of individual risk of cervical cancer and offering the personalized scheme of cancer screening. The objective of the project “Towards elimination of cervical cancer: intelligent and personalized solutions for cancer screening” (2020-2023) is to develop improved and personalized cancer screening methods within a sustainable health care system. It is expected that more sophisticated cervical cancer screening model will be implemented in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, and will have a positive impact to epidemiology of cervical cancer and public health in general.

The link to the full-text: