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The CBIG-SCREEN project

The CBIG-SCREEN project  aims to reduce inequality by improving the offer of cervical cancer screening to vulnerable and underserved groups. Though Cervical Cancer Screening (CCS) programmes drastically reduce cervical cancer mortality, they remain largely inaccessible and underused by subpopulations of vulnerable women, exacerbating inequality. CBIG-SCREEN will develop sound evidence around barriers to cervical cancer screening and pilot interventions with strategic outcomes to inform policy making to be updated after the decision is made on the categorisation of vulnerable groups. Last but not the least, the consortium will generate policies, programmes, communications and other services to meet the needs, and advise policymakers to develop recommendations.

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Personalised cervical cancer screening

With this project we aim to move from a "one size fits all"-based screening programme towards guidelines based on personal risk factors.

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