The aim of the project is to make cervical cancer prevention effective, efficient, high-value, sustainable, and safe through implementing a paradigm shift from mass-screening to personalised prevention which will empower citizens and strengthen Nordic-Baltic collaboration and competitiveness.

Specific objectives

  1. To develop and validate a novel, state-of-the-art, modelling technique (predicting treatment outcomes and/or performing patient risk stratification) based on decision-support algorithms for cervical cancer screening;

  2. Validate the predicting algorithms for the personalised risk-based screening strategy of cervical cancer screening in two Baltic countries;

  3. Evaluate the impact and cost-effectiveness of scaling-up a personalised cervical cancer screening approach for achieving the virtual elimination of cervical cancer in each setting;

  4. Promote a personalised, risk-based screening strategy and identify factors that influence implementation of the strategy;

  5. Support knowledge development and transfer for improved integration of Baltic country research and health systems into the international community including donor states and EU countries.