Project Overview

The projects main objective is to develop improved and personalised cancer screening within a sustainable health care system.

We will integrate knowledge on biological disease mechanisms and available data from national population-based health registries, health care provision data, biobanks and surveys, to design personally tailored actions safely, efficiently and quickly. We will develop predictive algorithms based on accessible data for the optimal risk allocation for each person to guide cancer screening; expand the use of algorithms by accessible tools that integrate research and practice. Consequently, each woman can receive more effective, tailored and beneficial preventive healthcare.

Specific objectives

  1. To develop and validate a novel, state-of-the-art, modelling technique (predicting treatment outcomes and/or performing patient risk stratification) based on decision-support algorithms for cervical cancer screening;
  2. Validate the predicting algorithms for the personalised risk-based screening strategy of cervical cancer screening in two Baltic countries.
  3. Evaluate the impact and cost-effectiveness of scaling-up a personalised cervical cancer screening approach for achieving the virtual elimination of cervical cancer in each setting.
  4. Promote a personalised, risk-based screening strategy and identify factors that influence implementation of the strategy.
  5. Support knowledge development and transfer for improved integration of Baltic country research and health systems into the international community including donor states and EU countries.